Pension Planning

Whether it’s accumulating wealth for your retirement or looking to withdraw money to sustain and enjoy it we can advise you how best to meet your objectives. We will review any existing arrangements including any occupational pension schemes to ensure that they are appropriate for your retirement purposes or whether it may be beneficial to transfer to your own arrangement and consolidate your pension plans.


Defined Benefits Pension Transfer Advice Service

P&B Wealth are a specialist in advising clients on the pros and cons of transferring from a Defined Benefits Scheme (Sometimes referred to as a Final Salary Scheme) to a Defined Contribution (Money Purchase) Scheme. This could be a Personal Pension or similar arrangement.

If you would like to find out more please click on the link to our free guidance videos hosted by Money Alive. The series of short video clips will give you guidance as to whether advice would be right for you. If it is we would be happy to help.

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