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Estate Planning

Estate planning is principally about safeguarding and passing on more of your hard earned wealth to future generations. 

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ven the best wealth creation strategies can be ineffective if they are not supported by a back-up plan.

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Pension Planning

Whether it’s accumulating wealth for your retirement or looking to withdraw money to sustain and enjoy it we can advise you how best to meet your objectives.

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Tax Structuring

Investments can be held in a number of tax wrappers such as ISA, Pension (SIPP), Insurance Bonds and others.

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Wealth Planning London

Investment Planning

P&B Wealth Planning will analyse your risk profile and capacity for loss as well as your views regarding any ethical, geopolitical or currency requirements.

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Lifetime Wealth Planning

We believe that using state of the art cashflow modelling to identify key targets, goals and needs is an excellent tool to

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