Defined Benefits Pension Transfer Service

We are an independent firm specialising in pension transfers. We work with Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and professional firms to provide an end to end defined benefit pension transfer service.

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DB Pension Transfer Service

If you are looking for Pension Transfer Specialist services for your clients but want to continue to provide ongoing investment advice post transfer, we can help. For non regulated firms, we offer the opportunity for clients to be passed directly to us to be handled within our private client’s division.

We offer the following:

  • Impartial and independent defined benefits pension transfer guidance for your clients, provided through a series of short video clips, helping your clients to understand the pros and cons of a transfer, before deciding to engage in advice.
  • An initial discussion with a qualified adviser before conducting a full fact find.
  • A detailed analysis of your client’s needs
  • Understanding of the Cash Equivalent Transfer Value
  • A suitability report detailing our recommendations, along with an Appropriate Pension Transfer Analysis and a Transfer Value Comparator
  • Support in completing and processing of transfer forms for those that receive a positive recommendation
  • Transfer of agency back to the IFA on completion

Our Fees for Defined Benefits Transfer Advice:

Abridged Advice Fee* Free of Charge
Full Advice Fee** On the first £500,000 2%
On the next £500,000 1%
On the balance 0.5%

* Abridged Advice can only give one of two outcomes; to stay in your scheme or if unclear to take and pay for Full Advice

**Since 1st October 2020 the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) changed regulations so that any fees CANNOT be on a contingent basis. This means that if Full Advice is given the fee becomes payable regardless of the outcome; whether to stay in existing scheme or transfer away.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact us on or call us on 020 3750 1801

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