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    P&B Wealth were established to offer holistic financial planning advice to clients who value lifetime planning for present and future needs and goals. It may be that the client has already accumulated their wealth or sold a business and wish to know how best to structure their assets to preserve capital, reduce tax and possibly pass on hard earned wealth to the next or future generations.

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  • Defined Benefits Pension Transfer Advice Service

    P&B Wealth are a specialist in advising clients on the pros and cons of transferring from a Defined Benefits Scheme (sometimes referred to as a Final Salary Scheme).
    If you would like to find out more please click on the link to our free guidance videos hosted by Money Alive. The series of short video clips will give you guidance as to whether advice would be right for you. If it is we would be happy to help.
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  • Investment Portfolio Construction

    Whether you are investing for income, growth or simply looking to preserve the capital value of your investment, we will help identify the most appropriate portfolio mix and investment strategies to meet those needs.  We use state of the art financial planning tools to help you understand your risk tolerance and capacity for loss, ensuring that you are always comfortable with the level of investment risk undertaken.

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  • Pension and Retirement planning

    In addition to general financial planning we have specific expertise in pension and retirement planning (including advice around pension transfers).  Whether you are just starting your working life or approaching retirement, we will guide you through the complex choices you may have to make when funding for your retirement.  Retirement planning is not just limited to pension plans, and will include many other tax and investment strategies.

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  • Tax, Trust and Estate Planning

    Taxation can be very complicated and the rules, reliefs and allowances often change.  Our clients turn to us and our services to help them with this essential part of their finance planning, knowing that it can leave family members and loved ones paying significantly more in tax than necessary.  We provide comprehensive tax planning advice to help mitigate those tax liabilities so that they are able to retain more of their assets and pass wealth onto the next generations.

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We give you free guidance on the pros and cons of transferring your Defined Benefits pension using Money Alive. See below how useful it was to our customers.

About P&B Wealth

The right people for every need

As a team, we have a wealth of experience and specialism across a wide range of financial planning areas, having worked for some of the largest and most reputable institutions including banks, life assurance companies and discretionary fund managers.  We are able to put you in touch with other professionals such as accountants and solicitors to enhance the overall efficacy of any planning.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Trust and Transparency

    Our relationship with you is built on trust and transparency. You can be confident we’ll only recommend investments and financial products that are in your best interests. And we’ll always discuss the risks and the benefits in detail, so you can make a completely informed decision.

  • Passion and Commitment

    We strive towards enriching our clients’ lives through prudent and conscientious management of their financial affairs enveloped in total care and respect. Most importantly, we aim to create the financial security and prosperity that you and your family need to enjoy life, now and in the future.

  • A Holistic View

    We take a holistic view of your life and your finances, including aspects like estate planning and tax management that you may have overlooked. Even if you engage us for advice on a specific transaction, we’ll always consider the bigger picture.

  • Enjoying life now and in the future

    We strive towards ensuring that our clients enjoy their lives, living free from financial worries, and leaving a legacy for the next generation. The fulfilment of this goal gives us immense pleasure, and working with our clients to achieve this is our destiny.

  • Lifelong Advice

    As you and your family move through life, your financial needs will change and evolve. We’re here to support you and your family at every stage, with insights and solutions to help you grow, manage, protect and transfer your wealth.

  • Partnership and Collaboration

    Few things equal the satisfaction of achieving your financial goals by taking personal control of wealth creation. We work in collaboration with you, giving you the knowledge and opportunities you need to take control of your financial future. You decide how you would like to work with us — whether you’d like us to provide specialist advice on a particular investment strategy, or construct and implement a holistic financial plan.

Pension Transfer Gold Standard - P&B Wealth
Recent News

Pension Transfer Gold Standard

Pension transfers can be complicated and there are lots of things to think about before going ahead. Seeking the right professional financial advice will help to ensure you are better able to make a fully informed decision that is in your best interests.

We have recently been awarded the Pension Transfer Gold Standard for our commitments to providing the very best Safeguarded and Defined Benefit Pension Transfers advice and adhering to some core principles designed to you to make fully informed decisions.

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Pension Transfer Gold Standard - P&B Wealth
Recent News

Pension Transfer Gold Standard

We have recently been awarded the Pension Transfer Gold Standard, this is intended to help you find firms like P&B Wealth and give you high quality financial advice on your options.

We are committed to the Pension Transfer Gold Standard as part of our wider commitment to ensuring that our clients receive the very best independent financial advice on all matters.

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Our Services

Lifetime Wealth Planning

We believe that using state of the art cashflow modelling to identify key targets, goals and needs is an excellent tool to show either what is needed to meet your requirements or whether your existing wealth will sustain expected needs such as income into the future. This helps visualise and plan wealth in a much easier to understand way, bringing it to life.

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Investment Planning

P&B Wealth will analyse your risk profile and capacity for loss as well as your views regarding any ethical, geopolitical or currency requirements. We would then suggest a suitable portfolio to meet your needs. This would be monitored and reviewed in line with our agreed strategy on a regular basis.

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Tax Structuring

Investments can be held in a number of tax wrappers such as ISA, Pension (SIPP), Insurance Bonds and others. This can have a massive impact on the amount of tax paid. P&B Wealth Planning have extensive knowledge and expertise in this area and will look to structure your wealth in the most efficient way possible to help minimise the “tax drag”.

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Pension Planning

Whether it’s accumulating wealth for your retirement or looking to withdraw money to sustain and enjoy it we can advise you how best to meet your objectives. We will review any existing arrangements including any occupational pension schemes to ensure that they are appropriate for your retirement purposes or whether it may be beneficial to transfer to your own arrangement and consolidate your pension plans.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is principally about safeguarding and passing on more of your hard earned wealth to future generations.  There are many things to consider when looking to assess suitable estate protection strategies for you and your family. It may be that you would like to leave a legacy under your will, create trusts to protect beneficiaries’ inheritances, avoid probate and ensure your estate passes to the right people at the right time.

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Even the best wealth creation strategies can be ineffective if they are not supported by a back-up plan. Building or preserving your financial strategy without adequate protection is like building a house without first laying solid foundations. Choosing the right type and amount of insurance can help to make sure that if anything untoward were to happen, you and your loved ones would be looked after.

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